FFKM O-ring for Oilfield Applications
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FFKM O-ring for Oilfield Applications

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(FFKM) o-rings are recommended for their vast temperature range, chemical resistance in numerous aggressive applications, and long service life.  FFKM O-Ring and Seal provides high-performance FFKM o-rings for your demanding applications 

Chemraz® FFKM O-Rings is a member of the perfluoroelastomer polymer family; polymers of three or more monomers in which all hydrogen positions have been replaced with fluorine. This complete state of fluorination results in outstanding resistance to heat and most chemicals and solvents.

The principle monomer of Chemraz® is tetrafluoroethylene (TFE); the proprietary second and third perfluorinated monomers are unique to it and confer the balance of the properties it demonstrates. Resistance to steam and significantly improved low temperature properties are the hallmark of Chemraz®.

Chemraz®, the ultimate elastomer for demanding oilfield applications, gives excellent sealing performance when exposed to mixes of aggressive chemicals found downhole and is often specified by operators. Special compounds have been formulated for improved resistance to rapid gas decompression and abrasion, giving significant reductions in downtime and maintenance




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