Flat Ring flexible graphite reinforced SS316 gasket
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Flat Ring flexible graphite reinforced SS316 gasket

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Flat Ring SS316 Tanged Reinforced Graphite Gasket Maxiflex Singapore CO  


Reinforced flexible graphite gasket with SS316 wire mesh is very excellent materials used for metallic, glass, enamel flanges and are designed for trouble free change over which ultimately reduces maintenance cost. They are dimensionally stable under extreme pressure surge. These are also suitable for cryogenic services.

Manufactured from flexible graphite foil mechanically clinched to a thick stainless steel tanged (perforated) metal sheet – SS316/316L insert. It has good compressibility and resilience, excellent sealing property for microscopic surface irrgeularities and long working life. Recommended to use in pipework and vessels in the chemical and petrochemical industries and power stations.


Work condition Temperature -200~600°C
Pressure 500 Bar
PH 0 – 14


1)Graphite sheet is Selected from the high purity natural flake graphite and SS316/316L tanged.

2)They are made through the advanced chemical treatment and mechanical procedure without fibers, binders or other additives.

3) It offer excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions with a longer life and less maintenance.

4)Made for packing rings and various kinds of gaskets.

It is used widely in chemical, automotive and pump, valve industries. As a superior replacement for asbestos, new more applications are Being identified daily. 


Graphite gasket with tanged stainless steel SS316 inserted features has very good strength and creep resistance, chemical stability and high tightness. It is used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, at high surface loads or high operating pressures

Flexible Graphite is reinforced by tanged metal SS316/ wire mesh, this material is a kind of sealing packing with excellent comprehensive properties. It overcomes the disadvantage of low intensity of the ordinary gaskets. It can be used in the condition of high temperature, high pressure and sealing.
Material has good compressibility and resilience, small stress relaxation, fine compensation function for unevenness of sealing surfaces and long working life. These plates are suitable for making gaskets of cylinders for air compressors, internal combustion engines and packing for different kinds of pipes and flanges.



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