low density neoprene gasket
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low density neoprene gasket

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Neoprene Gasketing

Neoprene is another rubber material gasket which is available in different variants including die cut, molded and custom designs. The material offers increased grip and has high tolerance capacity.  

Neoprene Gasket Material comes in four primary forms; closed cell (wet suit material), open cell, diaphragm, and homogeneous. Each of these three types have styles, colors and density variations that make them unique gasket materials.

Properties of Neoprene Gasket Sheet 

Neoprene—also referred to by the generic name polychloroprene—is a synthetic rubber manufactured by polymerizing chloroprene. It demonstrates several characteristics that make it suitable for gasketing applications, such as:

  • Elasticity and flexibility. These characteristics allow the material to fit snugly within the gaps between components, forming a fluid-tight seal.
  • Strength and durability. The material exhibits a tensile strength ranging from 900–1,000 PSI (depending on the exact formulation). It also resists damage and degradation stemming from abrasion, chemicals, combustion, grease and oil, oxidation, ozone, sunlight, temperature, water, and weather. These characteristics make it a high-performance, low-cost sealing solution for many applications


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