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DHR navigationlight

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DHR Navigation Light

Red (Blue)  light color, consistent with Vietnamese and international practices on colors for inland waterways, navigation and overhead obstacles.

-Lamp feet with screws used for fixed installation on marine beacons.

- Light source: use LED bulbs.

-The lights have 250 flashing patterns (or more) in accordance with QCVN39-2011, QCVN20-2015 and IALA standards.

- Lightning types can be set easily; Can turn off the light when not in use or when storing.

-Water tightness: IP67 standard or higher. Effective visibility at T = 0.74 (according to documents of IALA standard): 9 km or more.

 -Effective intensity of light:  In lightning mode: 45.0 cd or higher. In straight fire mode: 38.0 cd or higher.

- The scattering angle of the lamps in the vertical plane (at the condition of 50% intensity): ± 6.8 degrees.

- Lighting angle on the horizontal plane: 360 degrees.

- Solar cell is single crystal type, minimum capacity 10 Wp, efficiency reaches 15% or higher.

- Batteries of lamps are gas-tight, voltage of 4 ÷ 6 VDC, minimum capacity of 12 Ah.

- Battery auto-operation time

- Direct burning mode (in no sunshine): at least 13 days.

- Flash mode FI 5s: minimum 90 days.



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