FFKM O-ring Chemical Resistant
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FFKM O-ring Chemical Resistant

Mô tả: One of the materials you can choose from for rubber seals is FFKM. This material has been specially developed for use in extreme conditions, such as in oil refineries, the chemical process industry and aerospace industry. In this article we explain if, and when, FFKM O rings can be applicable for your situation

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FFKM O-ring consists of 3 monomers: tetrafluoroethylene (TFE), perfluoromethyl vinyl ether (PMVE) and cure site monomer (CSM). 

PTFE, also known as Teflon, is a thermoplastic material and consists of TFE. In this material there are no hydrogen atoms in the chain which consists of C-F compounds. This makes the material to become chemically inert. In FFKM, the PMVE ensures the elastic behaviour and the CSM makes it possible to create cross-links that give the material its sealing properties.

Why choose high-performance FFKM O-rings?

FFKM combines the sealing force, resistance and elasticity of FKM with the added chemical resistance of PTFE. It also boasts a broad operational temperature range of -45 °C to +330 °C. Which means our chemical resistant ‘O’ rings made from FFKM are designed to perform even in the most demanding sealing applications.

For leak-tight seal reliability, choose high-performance FFKM O-rings from TRP Polymer Solutions. Our durable FFKM ‘O’ rings are built to last, withstanding everything from explosive decompression to CIP/SIP washdowns. Minimise machine downtime and maximise your productivity with high-performance FFKM 0rings.

Further benefits of FFKM 0-rings include:

  • High density, highly durable.
  • Wide temperature range (-45 °C to +330 °C).
  • Self-extinguishing and non-flammable in air.
  • Excellent weatherability and ozone resistance.
  • Outstanding gas and liquid permeation resistance.
  • Raw compounds sourced from quality-approved suppliers.
  • Good mechanical properties, improving sealing performance.
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 standards to ensure high-quality product.
  • Suitable for explosive decompression, CIP, SIP and hygienic applications.




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